Sunday, February 6, 2011


So my novel is coming along. Slowly, but it's coming. I decided to keep the first draft as sort of the "A" story, and add in a "B" story where my MC, Dex, is a half ghost, half human. The novel is called "A Birthday Suicide," and Dex did commit suicide, but they brought him back. Only one problem--his spirit had left his body, and now he can turn into a ghost at will. So the original first draft is kind of his back story now, brought to you in flashbacks. But the real adventure and horror will take place with his ghostly form. It sounds much more confusing than it is, lol. It's been fun, and hard, to incorporate the new stuff in the story, though. I may need to actually do an outline--which I never actually do. First time for everything, right?


  1. I can't work without an outline. When I try, it feels like walking through a minefield wearing nothing but a blindfold. Even with a really good outline, I continually wander off the beaten path into the mines, and of course I never wear anything when I'm being creative!

    Your story sounds like a good, strong idea, Steve. Keep that BIC!

  2. Is this a story you posted in syw? I'm thinking of one you posted - the MC dies, comes back with this super ability and a mission that has something to do with his father? I remember criting that one - thought it was a great start to something even better. If it is or isn't, good luck with it Steve!

  3. I'm a pantser so I wander the wilderness until done.

    But don't worry about going off outline, that's when interesting things happen.

  4. Euclid, I never have been able to do an outline. But I think in this case it may make navigating the minefield a bit easier. If nothing else, I'm doing character biographies because there are a few intricate characters and I definitely think that will be helpful.

    Laurie, yes, I've posted the beginning of it in SYW, but it's not the same story you're thinking of. Thanks, I need some luck ;-)

    Chi, I agree... because if I do decide to outline, I know I'll go off it, and that will be when the magic happens :-)