Monday, August 30, 2010

Story Acceptance & Sobriety Update

My story "Jack Rainey and the Apocalypse Swarm" has officially been accepted, as of Saturday, by Black Label Books. Clicky on that, and check them out. Click on the "Like" tab at the top of the page. They're a really cool start-up publisher, and I'm really excited to be a part. Updates for my story will be coming soon. My friend Annie DuVall also has two stories, "Delicious," and "Sam" coming out from Black Label.

On Sunday I celebrated 4 years 11 months of sobriety. One more month and it will be 5 years. Such an accomplishment. I'm floating on air--never would have thought I'd be here!

So it was an exceptionally great weekend for me! Yay!

A Good Read. So Read It!

Listening to: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Reading: Relentless by Dean Koontz
Next on Reading List: Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

Finally finished "Touched By an Alien" by my friend Gini Koch. Clicky, and check out her website, and then go out and buy the book! That's an order! Okay, it's a strong suggestion. :-)

Gini has somehow packed 500 pages worth of action into a 389 page book. That's not to say it is over-laden with the action, and forgets the story. Quite the opposite. This book is an eclectic mix of action, sexiness, pure romance, humor, and good-looking aliens and humans countered with fugly, evil parasitic aliens.

It's listed under 'Sci-Fi', which is a bit unusual for me to read. I write dark fiction and horror, and I read mainly the same. Not that I only read in those genres, but I read what I write as a rule. So I can honestly say my opinion of this book is not biased, not even by our friendship, or my ever-growing need to suck up (my friends at the 2010 Weekend Progress Report will understand that *wink*). It is just a really good book.

And her website (once again, clicky up above and check it out) was designed by LostGirl from Absolute Write, and is very cool, and chock-full of up-to-the-minute updates and info. Stop by, tell her I sent you, and stay for the coffee ;-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to Enjoy Life (or Random Mutterings Posted to Pass the Time)

Listening to: Iron Maiden (What else?)
Reading: Touched By an Alien by Gini Koch.
Next on Reading List: Relentless by Dean Koontz, then Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane

How do I enjoy life? That's simple, I think. I love being a stay-at-home Dad, watching my children grow and learn new things. It's the only benefit to beig disabled. I love my beautiful wife, who has been at my side through so much over the years. I love being a sober man. Nearly 5 years now. I write dark fiction and horror, play guitar, listen to music and watch tv and movies. And yes, I READ.

Sounds like a mundane existence. I admit freely to being too much of a couch potato. With the lung-removal last December I can't do all of the outdoor activities I once took pleasure in. That doesn't mean I'm an invalid by any means. I do housework, the laundry and dishes, I enjoy cooking, which I have a real talent for. Maybe one day I'll post some recipes here. I cook by way of instinct, so I generally don't have recipes written down, but I can probably come up with something.

So what does my recipe for enjoying life have to do with you? Simple, really. I could have easily taken my recent health problems differently. I've had 8 surgeries since July 30, 2007. I could be buried in a well of depression, to have given up on these things I enjoy. But I choose to smile, and keep an upbeat attitude about it. I'm still alive, after all.

So, how about you? Are you letting issues in life rob you of what you once found pleasure in? Does the daily grind get you down? Don't let it consume you. Find something you can dive into, put on a wetsuit and DIVE! If I can come back from more major surgery than I like to remember, and an 18 day coma, so can you. If you have difficulty doing some of the things you enjoy, adapt to something else you can find yourself immersed in. Even if it's writing a daily journal, updating a blog, writing a novel or short stories, putting a cd or movie in and relaxing--whatever you can find is right. As long as it's right for you. Get out there and enjoy life.

I do.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thankful: Laurie's Project

So many times we get caught up in our lives and forget to take the time to appreciate our friends, our acquaintences, our co-workers, or just the good points of our days. My good friend Laurie has started a Daily Blogging Project with a really cool concept: Pick something each day you are thankful for. Anything. Anythings. If you're having a bad day it can make you sit for five minutes and go over why it's so bad. I bet while you're lamenting over the horrible-ness of your day you find something to laugh about, to be happy about... to be thankful for.

I'm not going to do the same thing here. First, I post my thankfuls on Laurie's Blog. Second, it's her project. Third, I don't update my own blog often enough. A problem I'm going to try to remedy. But I want anyone who reads this to try to find one thing (or more) a day--even if you don't post it on Laurie's blog, at least find it for yourself. Within one week of doing this I bet you'll find the quality of your own life improving.