Monday, August 23, 2010

Thankful: Laurie's Project

So many times we get caught up in our lives and forget to take the time to appreciate our friends, our acquaintences, our co-workers, or just the good points of our days. My good friend Laurie has started a Daily Blogging Project with a really cool concept: Pick something each day you are thankful for. Anything. Anythings. If you're having a bad day it can make you sit for five minutes and go over why it's so bad. I bet while you're lamenting over the horrible-ness of your day you find something to laugh about, to be happy about... to be thankful for.

I'm not going to do the same thing here. First, I post my thankfuls on Laurie's Blog. Second, it's her project. Third, I don't update my own blog often enough. A problem I'm going to try to remedy. But I want anyone who reads this to try to find one thing (or more) a day--even if you don't post it on Laurie's blog, at least find it for yourself. Within one week of doing this I bet you'll find the quality of your own life improving.

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