Friday, July 2, 2010

Perception and Damage I've Done

I've recently forgotten that text does not convey proper inflection. You can add a smilie, or a "lol" after a post, or message--but things can get terribly misconstrued, and taken out of context despite any good intentions.

The Damage I've Done: The Heads

I really need to invent a sarcasm key for computers and cell phones. Though sarcasm isn't my only problem. Things can be taken to mean many things they weren't intended to, and once said, a post cannot be taken back. The way the reciever percieves it is how it stays.

There is the possibilty I have lost a dear friend due to this problem. This hurts me in a way you can't imagine. As a recovering alcoholic I left my old life behind, and my old friends. So when I make new friends it's a big deal for me. And the fact I've done something completely stupid that put this friendship in jeopardy eats at me. There's nothing to be done but wait and see if time will heal these wounds.

Now, in the future I have to watch out for signals that my thpughts are being recieved in a different manner than I'd intended, and maybe I can fix the problem before it gets out of hand. Because the written word is a very fluid thing, always different to each reader.

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  1. So very true... this is why I sometimes really don't like to use IM as my main form of communication with certain people. I can't tell you how many times things has been misconstrued.