Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Years 7 Months!!

Listening to: Chevelle "Vena Sera" and Iron Maiden "The Final Frontier"
Reading: Stephen King "Under the Dome"
Watching: Supernatural Season One on DVD

Today, April 29, 2011 marks more than five and a half years sober now!! Woooooo-Hoooooooo!!!! And next week, on May 5th, will be mine and Crystal's 10 year wedding anniversary. Another really big Woooooooooo-Hoooooooooo!!!!! It's hard to believe how much I've been blessed. Even with all the health issues I feel like the most blessed man on Earth.

Now I just have to become a famous author to complete the cycle. So why am I writing a blog instead of kicking out my novel? Well, I haven't updated this little rag since the beginning of February, and I know my friends will be excited with the news in the above paragraph, lol. I know I sure am.

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  1. This is such a great accomplishment! As a recovering alcoholic, I can understand the daily struggle that occurs when recovering. When I first began my recovery, I found a website that offers a lot of great information about overcoming alcohol dependence. If anyone is interested the website is I wish you all the best and congrats on the five and a half years!