Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Copse

The Copse
I look into this thicket of trees
I see squirrels, chipmunks, pine cones and bees
This whole little universe, in such a small space
And it was all put there by God's loving grace
Lush green grass, growing up down below
Then covered in leaves, then covered in snow
On warm sunny days the jackrabbits bounce
The sqirrels play, the chipmunks trounce
The butterflies flutter, the honeysuckle smells sweet
An old hollow log is a raccoon's retreat
As I watch this happen before my very eys
I realize it's our world, wears a disguise
They say men are animals, and that's a disgrace
The animals aren't uncivilized- only the human race.


  1. I LOVE poetry that pulls you along, gently leading you to an amazing conclusion that alters your worldview and leaves you better for it.

    This poem does that, and does it well.

  2. I like the poem.

    My favorite line is: "An old hollow log is a raccoon's retreat"

  3. ps : [ i scribble nonsense at a meme called ' osi ' URL :-

    a prompt is issued every sunday for writers to write on _ the prompt for the coming sunday is 'copse " ,maybe u'll consider posting this lovely poem there.. rest assured i am no marketting agent for OSI or any other such forum ,far from it .. ]

  4. Very sorry to have missed this... I surely would have posted. Unfortunately I was still in the hospital after major surgery to remove quite a bit of my right lung. When I feel I bit stronger I'll post a bgit about it.