Tuesday, November 10, 2009

50th Post

Well, here we are--my 50th blog post. I've ben lax in keeping up with the blog for the last few months. Now, with NaNo going on I have no time to blog either, but I thought I'd make an appearance and tell you of my progress. I'm right at 8,000 words. Not bad for a novel I started 9 days ago, except that to hit 50k by Nov. 30 I should be at 15,003. But I can still catch up. We were busy last week preparing for my son's birthday, it was a three day event with all the different grandparents wanting to see him on different days. And my wonderful angel Rachel was not feeling great, so she's been fussy at night more than usual, during my usual writing time. But she's asleep now, so time for work! Good luck to any other NaNo-ers who read this, and go St. Louis!


  1. Good luck, Steve! Hope the little one isn't getting sick!

  2. No, she just had a little infection. Thanks for the concern!