Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading: Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz
Listening to: Jimi Hendrix & BB King-The King's Jam 1968
Writing: Not enough

Okay, that last part isn't completely true. Doing the Summer Writing Challenge, I have written 9,346 words on a new novel. Since June 8. For me, that's FAST. It also makes this the second longest document in my computer, the first being the 55,000 word first draft of a novel I may never actually finish. It's a shame, on that--I like the concept, but just can't get it out right. Maybe one day I will have the tools to do that. But this new book is going well. At times it takes off on its own. If you are a writer you know how cool that feels. If you're not, I can't explain it so you will. But the characters, the idea, the personalities, it's something great. Of course there will be a lot of editing before it's ready for anyone to see it, and some of the things I think are great today may seem like utter crap tomorrow, but it's been the most fun I've had writing anything so far.

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