Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home at Last

I had surgery to remove the remainder of my right lung on Dec. 16, on the 18th back under the knife to repair a hematoma, then on the 20th back for a perforated bowel. Spent 70 long days hospitalized. One thing that helped was the support of a new friend, Elise (Cella). She not only brought me a plant, but visited a few times and even gave my wife (whom she'd never met) a Christmas present. I still have one more surgery coming up, to reverse the ostomy from the bowel-issue. Can't wait. I have to wear a colostomy bag on my stomach, and it's a pain in the a**. But I'm home now. Back with the family who loves me, and writing again. Things are pretty great.

1 comment:

  1. There's been altogether too much in and out of the hospital for you lately, mister. Once you're out again, make sure you stay out.

    You know you've got the support of the Hounds, Steve. We're all pulling for you to get out and get better as soon as possible, so that DL can start cracking the whip without worrying about riipping stiches any more. ;)