Sunday, July 19, 2009

Desperate Need

I seriously am in desperate need of a laptop. Who wants to give me an early Christmas present? Okay, so I know THAT's not happening, but you can't blame a guy for tryin'. I need one, with my frequent hospital stays and stuff, and how much easier it would be to sit on the couch and type sometimes with my chronic back pain, you get the picture. So, if anybody has an old notebook or netbook they would be willing to sell, and let me pay in installments, shoot me an e-mail. And if not, just pray and wish me luck in finding one.


  1. psst... have you seen the new Dell 10" mni? It's around $300. If i had $300 I would buy it....


  2. I've been tossing back and forth about a mini vs. a notebook. I want the disk drive, but don't have to have it. We'll see what happens. I kinda want to stay with HP/Compaq, but hell-- I'm not picky,LOL

  3. I found a Compaq (I like my Compaq Desktop alot) that I may be able to get. The financing is no payments or interest for 12 months, but my crdit doesn't qualify (bankruptcy). My Mom and Dad are discussing getting it and letting me make payments to them during the 0%/no payment period. I selected all the goodies I need, and the total is just over $500. And they'll knock off some of the money for Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed.