Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creeping Myself Out

I'm sitting here listining to the Best of Iron Maiden, and taking a momentary break from the horror story I'm writing. It must be good so far, because it's creeping me out. And if that's the case, I really have high hopes for the finished product. Of course, I just finished my "outlining of where I think things will go," but any writer knows that things rarely go where we expect them to when we start the project. And my method of outlining is very crude, purposely done so for the leeway it provides. Some writer's map out everything in an outline. And that's what the first draft of my first novel essentially became- a 55,000 outline. So now I feel locked in to the path I created for the main character as I work on the second draft of that story. But for the ghost story I'm doing to release stress, I am held by no bonds- and maybe THAT'S what really creeps me out, that the antagonist in this one can truly be as depraved and evil as I want, or vice-versa if it fits the situation.


  1. Hi Steven. Why do you write horror stories? Why not write detective stories or thrillers or stories for kids. Stories for kids are doing really well at the moment. Good luck with whatever you write, and thanks for checking out my 'umble blog.

  2. I dabble with other stuff, and the horror I write is not the super-violent stuff, but more about emotional and psychological issues. But it's where my main area of interest lies. Though my first completed manuscript is more of a crime drama. It's about a man who got into an organized crime family at the age of seventeen, when he did his first hit. Over the years, through many heartbreaking experiences, his heart was eaten away by guilt. So he is writing a book- really a novel-length suicide note. He wants people to understand what he;s done, and more importantly, why he plans to take his own life. It's been a HARD story to write, and as I go through the tedious pocess of the second draft I realize how much deeper I need his character to be. I have led a less-than-pure life, and I find myself drawing off my own experiences alot now.
    Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you'll come back!

  3. Don't look over your shoulder--the bad guy's right behind you!

    The blog is looking great. Sorry it's taken me so long to drop by!

  4. And sorry it took me so long to say thanks! I somehow missed this comment I guess.